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We Are Different.

We don’t want to see you.  Our goal is to get you better as soon as possible, keep you active, and give you the strength and tools needed to keep your pain away. We fix you up, get you out of the clinic and back to doing the things you love doing – as soon as possible. No gimmicks.

We give you 100%

We provide 100% one-on-one service, 100% of the time. Your appointment time is reserved for you, and only you.  We are not a franchise.  We are a boutique clinic offering the highest calibre one-on-one care.  We do not treat multiple patients at a time.  You have our 100% undivided attention from the very start of your session, right to the end.  This means personalizedhigh quality care, with effective and lasting long-term results.

One-Stop Shop for Therapy & Training

Toronto’s best – Chiropractic. Physiotherapy. Registered Massage Therapy. Acupuncture. Custom Orthotics. Personal Training – all under one roof. No more shopping around for the best therapists in town. From injury care & physical rehabilitation to wellness, seniors’ care, pregnancy care and even weight loss – we have it all in one place.

We Treat The Root Cause

We assess you as a whole. We look not only at the area that is causing you pain or discomfort, but at the WHOLE kinetic chain. In addition to traditional orthopaedic testing, we assess you functionally in order to find the REAL cause of the problem.  We use evidence-informed treatmentseducate you about your condition and prescribe efficient & effective exercise rehabilitation programs to help you return to living a healthy, active and pain free lifestyle. The bottom line: We find the ROOT cause of your problem and prevent it from coming back.