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Shoulder Savers

Maintaining rotator cuff health is extremely important in overhead athletes and the active population. The shoulder is a complex joint consisting of many joints working together to perform a movement.

The exercises below will focus on external rotation. Once you have an understanding to the wall slide you can progress it to the band wall slides. However, if you are having difficulty with the standing wall slide, regress the exercise to doing it on the floor. Perform up to 10-15x repetitions 2-3x before your strength session.


Scapular Floor Slides (Regression)

  • Lie on your back with your legs bent at 90 degrees
  • Have your elbows and back of your hands touching the ground
  • Slowly slide your arms along the floor away from your head
  • You should feel muscles between your shoulder blades engage and turn on



Scapular Wall Slide

  • Stand facing the wall staggered with forearms resting along the wall
  • Slowly slide your forearms vertically up the wall
  • Ensure you don’t turn your arms in and your elbows don’t come off the wall
  • You should feel the upper back muscles engage to execute the movement



Resisted Band Wall Slides (Progression)

  • Position yourself similar to the scapular wall slide
  • Pick a band that is of very light resistance
  • With your shoulders in a shoulder width apart position and the band, you will feel resistance of the band between your shoulder blades
  • Slowly slide your forearms vertically up the wall
  • Keep the arms the same length apart as you slide your forearms up the wall



Author: Khanh Vy, Athletic Therapist | Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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