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Hype About Infused Water

Why is there such a hype over infused water? Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures of glass pitchers and Mason jars filled to the rim with stunning fruit and vegetable arrangements. Infused water certainly looks pleasing but how many nutrients and vitamins can your body actually absorb after letting your fruits and vegetables soak in water? Today I will explore some of the benefits and cons of drinking infused water.




  1. Increase your daily nutrient intake

    You can easily increase your daily nutritional intake by creating a variety of diffusing blends. Fruit and vegetable infused water can increase your intake of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, fiber and antioxidants.


  2. Trick your mind into drinking more water

    Water composes approximately 60 percent of our body weight. We need to constantly replenish fluids and hydrate ourselves. To some, water can quickly become boring or bland. If you are not reminding yourself to drink enough water each day, you can easily become dehydrated. Infusing your water can become a nice incentive to drink more in a day. If it tastes exciting, drinking water can become less of a chore.


  3. Healthy way to satisfy a sugar craving

    If you substitute infused fruit water for sugary store bought juices and sodas every time you have a sugar craving, you are drastically reducing your daily sugar intake. You can feel better about drinking a sweet beverage with less sugar derived from a natural source.


  4. Detoxify your body

    When your body is hydrated, it can easily dispose of waste through the liver and kidneys. By drinking enough water, you are helping your body detoxify itself and rid of waste quickly. Depending on the ingredients you are adding to your water, you can also create some exciting detoxifying blends. Try squeezing a lemon wedge into your water in addition to adding fruits for a refreshing detoxifying blend.


  5. Weight control

    Sometimes a feeling of hunger can be a side effect of dehydration. When you drink enough water in a day, you feel fuller and prevent feeling false hunger caused by dehydration. When you replace soda or fruit juices with water, you are also consuming less sugar.


Despite all these benefits listed, consuming fruit and vegetables is the best way to obtain the health and nutritional benefits they have to offer. Only a small portion of the vitamins and nutrients from your fruits and vegetables that have been steeping in your infused water actually enter your water. The fruits and vegetables themselves contain loads more nutrients than infused water.


HOWEVER there are many pros to drinking infused water! If you prefer the taste over regular unflavoured water, use infused water as an incentive for yourself to drink more. You can also try to substitute your sodas and fruit juices with infused water so that you can cut back on your sugar intake.


If you want to maximize your vitamin and nutrient intake from infused water, try muddling your fruits and vegetables a little bit so that your body can absorb more nutritional components. If you are adding citrus ingredients like lemon and orange, try squeezing the ingredients before adding them to your water. Add the juice directly to your water. You can also try eating the fruits and veggies in your infused water. They may taste a little bland after soaking in water but they still contain lots of fibre and vitamins.


Author: Claire Ford, BA (Hons)

Clinical Receptionist | Social Media Rep | Toronto Health & Fitness Advocate










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