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Easy at Home Stretches


Almost all of us know we need to stretch more than we do. So if you are not a yogi these easy at home stretches leave you no excuse not to do them while watching TV or on commercial break from playoff game.


Low back Stretch – Knee Rolling


Repeat this stretch as necessary, it is great for low back relief. Lying on your back with your knees bent rotate your knees to one side and turn your head in the opposite direction.


Lat Stretch – Doorway Hold

Hang onto a doorway at shoulder height. Bring your bady backwards but keep your feet a step away from the doorway. Your body will bend in half and you will feel the stretch along the side of your ribs and in your shoulder. Repeat for each side.


Hamstings and Shins – Ragdoll

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bend forward and hang your head. Rotate side to side and try to feel the stretch in the front of your shins as well as in your hamstrings. Roll up slowly from this stretch.


Lauren Smith, Physiotherapy Assistance, Personal Training Specialist

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