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Core Training: Anti Rotation Progressions

Core Training – Anti Rotation Progressions

A few months back we discussed core training, what it is and the different types. The following article will discuss 3 progressions of anti rotation type exercises.

Progression #1: Tall kneel Pallof Press

In a tall kneel position, grab the D cable from your cable machine with both hands. Start with both hands touching your stomach. In this starting position you will feel like your body wants to rotate towards the machine. Do not let that happen and try to maintain a neutral and tall body. Slowly straighten your arms out. The resistance will increase as you straighten your arm. Ensure you keep your body tall and straight as the arm straightens out. Perform 15x repetitions, 3 sets.

Progression #2: 1/2 Kneeling Pallof Press Out

The difference between the tall kneel and 1/2 is the number of contacts to the ground. The ½ kneel has 3 while the tall kneel has 4 (both knees, both feet). The arm press out stays the same. The upper body stays tall and straight. Perform 15x repetitions and 3 sets.

Progression #3: Standing Pallof Press Out

The standing pallof press out has two contact points to the ground and is more difficult then both the half kneel and tall kneel. This last progression challenges the whole body to maintain neutral spine.


Author: Khanh Vy, BPHE, CAT(c), CSCS (NSCA), RK

Toronto Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(c) | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist | Registered Kinesiologist

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